12013 – Setting up your Menus

The Menus setting allows you to add different menu options (e.g. Footer Menu, Main Menu) to any campaign page on your site.

Setting up a Menu

    • Go to Settings in the left sidebar menu and then select Menus.
      In the Menus dashboard, click the Plus (+) icon on the upper right hand corner.
    • The Setup Menu pop up window will appear.
    • In the Menu Title field, add a title to your menu.
    • Click the + Add New Item.
    • In the Title field, add a label to your menu item.
    • Choose the page you want to link to your menu item in the drop-down menu.
    • Choose the option to open the page in a new tab or not by clicking Open in New Tab and selecting Yes or No.
    • If you don’t want your link to be followed, you may leave the No Follow option to No. 
    • Click the + Add New Item button to add more item. 
    • Upon completion, the new menu item will appear.
      NOTE: The sequence of the links in your menu will depend on how the items are placed in your Setup Menu pop up window.
    • You may change the sequence of your items by drag and dropping them.
    • To turn on & off the menu item, simply click the toggle button.
    • To edit the Menu settings, simply click the pencil icon.
    • To delete the menu item, simply click the (x) button. 

That’s it! Click on SAVE CHANGES and you are done.


Editing your Menu

    • Click the Pencil button to open the Setup Menu to make changes to your menu.
      The Setup Menu popup window will appear for you to make changes to your menu.

    • Click the (x) button to delete a menu.


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