02048 – Setting up your Forum Threads

Forum threads are the places under which members can start their discussions or posts. Members and Admins can start a thread under any section setup for the forum. Once a thread has been created, any member or admin can start contributing to the thread topic to get a discussion going.

When a new thread is created, the members have the option of tagging, using the @ symbol, all the members that have access to Category the thread is located in.

How to Start a Thread

      • In the Forum Home Page, you will see the categories and sections you’ve created at the bottom part of the page.
      • Pick the category and click the section you prefer.
      • You will be directed to a new window for that specific section.
        Click the blue + New Thread button at the left.
      • Fill in the Name and the Description fields, then click Save Topic.
      • As admin and Forum members, you can add images and videos directly to your thread, as well as thread replies.
        + To add an image, you can use an Image URL, or upload an image directly from your computer (max. 200kb per image).
        + To add a video, simply add the video URL in the field provided. You can use self-hosted videos like Amazon S3, or embed videos hosted on the following platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, MP4, Loom.

  • After that, you’ll get to the Thread View where you’ll find the Thread you’ve just created.
  • As an administrator, you can Edit, Delete, Pin/Unpin and Close a thread.
    Just click the ellipsis (), and the options will appear.
    TIP! Threads pinned or posted by admins will always appear at the top of the thread.
  • Users can Like and Reply to the thread.
    Clicking Reply will quote the original content inside the post. It will be shortened if post is too long, but you can click to expand.
  • Users may use the formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline) options in the Text edit area.
    Users may also add Emoticons, Videos, and Images to their post.
  • Your members can mention someone on any forum thread and they will be notified.
  • Your members can edit their own reply. They can click the ellipsis then click Edit in their replies.
  • When someone enters a URL on the comments, the URL will become clickable and will open in new tab upon click.
  • The users can quote specific text on a comment by highlighting the text. Once highlighted, there will be a Quote option that will appear above. Once clicked, the quoted text will appear on the reply.
  • As an Admin, you may close the thread to prevent members to add comments.
    Click the ellipsis then click Close.
    You may also re-open a thread once it is closed. The option Reopen will appear on closed thread.
  • As an Admin, you may also move a reply from one thread to another.
    Just click the ellipsis, then click Edit.
    In the Edit Reply popup window, you may select the Section and Thread you want to move the reply to.
    Once done, just click Save Reply.


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