09A005 – Setting up Auto Deadline Countdown timer on your Pages

This article will help you set up your Auto Deadline Booster on any of your Pages.


  • After you have created your Auto Deadline Booster and registered members to it, you need to add this booster to one of one of your Pages.
  • You will need to provide them with a URL that will link them to the Auto Deadline Booster and it will be unique for each member when they access the page after registration.
  • The way this will work for them is: if today is before the deadline, then they will be able to watch the video and engage with the page. If today is after the deadline, then we will redirect them to the URL selected for the Redirect page.


Here is what you need to do:
    • Go to Campaigns, then select the relevant campaign and then open the page template you would like to edit.
    • Once opened, click on the Countdown Timer Block in the preview pane on the right.
    • This will open the Countdown Timer’s settings in the left-sidebar menu.
    • Once opened, select Auto Deadline from the Countdown Timer Type: drop-down menu, in order to access the Auto Deadline settings.
    • Select Widget
      From the drop-down just below the Timer options, select the Auto Deadline widget that you created.
    • Redirect To
      Select the page you would like users to reach after the timer counts down to zero.TIP! If you prefer to use a URL , scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu and select Redirect to URL, then add the relevant URL in the field provided.
    • Use this link to access page   Under the Use This Link field, we have provided a special link you can email your registered Users to access your Sales page.IMPORTANT! You will have to replace the XXX with the contact email. Your email service will likely have a little piece of code that you can add here, and then they will be able to add the email to the link dynamically. Infusionsoft Example: http://yourwebsitename.com/21qxucp3?contactEmail=~Contact.Email~
    • When a person accesses your sales page, we are going to check their email to confirm if they have been registered for the Auto Deadline Timer.  If they have, then we will check the deadline set for the timer.
    • Also note that if you’re using a email service that does not using “contactEmail” as a dynamic/merge field, you can also use “contactemail” in the URL and it will work the same way.

    Once you are done, click SAVE CHANGES.

For more information regarding how to further customize your Auto Deadline Block, you can check out our article here: Setting up an Auto Deadline Countdown timer

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