02076 – Portal Pages

This feature allows you to create pages inside your membership site that any members can access. Members do not need to purchase any type of course to be able to access the Portal Pages.

Create Portal Page

  • Go to Members Area and then select Online Courses in the left sidebar menu.
  • In the Online Courses Dashboard, click on the ellipsis () on the upper right hand corner then select Pages to open the Portal Pages popup window.
  • To create a page, click on + Add New Page


  • Enter the desired name for a page and click +Add.
  • This will add the “Traffic & Conversion” page or the page you have created. There are 4 options located on right-side. Starting from the left to right.

Edit – This will open a template editor page to edit and customize your page.
View – This will launch the page and will display how the page will look like.
Duplicate – This will make a copy of the page along with the designs.
Delete – This will permanently remove the page.

Editing the Page

  • Click on Edit button and this will open the page builder or templates editor and will display the default Members Area page.

  • You can modify anything you want as normal. However, it has a special block which is called Course Block.
  • When you click on it, you can setup the course with your desired display.

  • In the Show Courses from …, You can select here the Course Groups you have setup on your Online Page Dashboard. To learn more about Course Groups, check this link

All Groups – When a user access the Portal page, the course display are all the one he has access to
Other Groups (depends on what you have created)- This will display all the courses a user has access to and the courses on that specific group

  • Courses Options – you can select options to, Hide Promoted Course, Hide Course Image, Hide Course Title,  Hide Course Description, and even Hide the Button

  • You may also modify how the Course will be displayed

Font Title – You can modify the font family, font size, line size and text color
Font Text – You can modify the font family, font size, line size and description color
Button – Edit the color of text in the button and the background
Background – This will change the background color of the course title and course description
Spacing – To adjust the Bottom Margin
Animation – Change the animation type, style and delay (ms)


Restrict Access

Setup the access to your portal page only if your members have access to the indicated course.

  • Access only for members of: – allows access to the members of the selected course here.
  • Redirect to this page – members who don’t have access to the indicated course above will redirected to the selected page here.


Working with Sections and Rows on your Portal Pages

You can add multiple sections and rows to your portal pages just like any other pages.
You may also display sections and rows based on the member’s registered courses.
To do this, go to the Section or Row -. Options > Display only if member has access to…


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