13022 – Members Area: How To Update Profile

Members can update their Profile. Update Name,Password, Avatar, About You, Forum Signature and Email Notification.

To Get Started, follow the steps below:
  • Login to the Members Area (Image or logo will differ and will depend on what you have set up)

    • Once logged in, go to Profile by clicking on the Avatar located on the upper-right of the page.
    • On this window, you can now update the Name,Password, Avatar, About You, and Forum Signature as well as enable/disable Email Notification.
      Note: On the List on Members Directory option, this will be available only once the Member Directory is enabled in the Portal Settings.
    • After updating the information, click on Update Profile button.
    • You can do the same thing on the rest of the data on Profile to update.
    • To Enable or Disable Email Notifications, simply turn the toggle beside Email notifications to turn it ON/OFF. Or you can check this article Enable Email Notification

That’s it. Members Profile has been updated.