02017 – How to setup a Private Chat section for your course

The Private Chat page allows you to offer one-on-one private coaching with members right inside your online courses.

To Get Started
    • Go to Members Area and then click on the Online Courses.
    • In the next screen, click on the Content button of the online course that you would like to add the Private Chat page to.
    • In the Course Content pop-up, click on +Add New Page.
    • Add a Name for your Private Chat page, and from the Course Page drop-down select Private Chat page. Once done, click on +Add.
      Your new Private Chat page will appear at the bottom of your Course Page list.
    • Next, click on the Edit button (pencil) to customize the Private Chat page. 
    • Once the Page Builder is open, you will see some default Block Elements on the page i.e. a Headline, a Video and Descriptive text. These elements can be customized or removed and replaced with other block elements your prefer. For steps on how to work with Block Elements, simply go to Working with Blocks: Course Pages
    • The options on the left sidebar panel will appear as well.


    Page Options

    • Course
      If you want to move your Private Chat page to a new course, select the new destination course in the drop-down menu.
    • Page Background
      This feature allows you to change the background of your page.
    • Page Spacing
      This feature allows you to add more space around your page.
    • Header, Footer and After Body Tag Code
      Add codes here. e.g. Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, etc.
      Or select an Audience booster to provide custom header, footer and after body tag codes based on their group.
    • SEO Meta Data
      This will allow you to add Meta Tag details for your public pages.
    • Use Default Toggle Image
      This will use the default toggle image to all Toggle blocks.
    • Redirect Page
      Allows you to redirect users to a different page. For full instructions, proceed here.
    • Limit chat to 1000 characters
      When enabled, your members’ chat limit will be 1000 characters only.
      Disabling the option will allow your members to use unlimited numbers of characters per reply.
    • Web Push Notifications
      This will enable the option to accept notifications on a public page. To know more about this feature, proceed here.
    • Page Landing Action
      Allows you to apply a specific action as users land on a certain page.
      To know more about this feature, proceed here

    Once done, click on SAVE CHANGES.

    Header Image

    • The Header image cannot be moved but can be hidden and customized.
      Simply click on the Header placeholder and upload the image you prefer in the left-sidebar menu.
      + Browse – upload a new image from your computer.
      + Select from gallery – use an image that’s already been uploaded or been used in another template or page. Upon click, the image gallery popup window will appear with all the available images listed.

    Coming Soon Text

    • This feature allows you to add teaser text to your course page, when the Course Page Drip Feed feature is enabled. Simply add the text you would like to display at the top of the page and SAVE CHANGES.


    How Private Chat works

    Private Chat functions in a similar way to Instant Messaging, in that:

    • You and a specific member can have an IM chat, if you are both online at the same time.
    • Comments and replies update in real-time without needing to refresh the Private Chat page.
    • To view a member’s question or comment, go to the Private Questions section in the left-sidebar menu of the Private Chat page.
    • If you click on the member’s name, their question or comment will appear to the right
    • To reply to a member’s question, simply add your comment in the field provided at the bottom of the Private Questions section and click on Post.
    • Previous conversations with that member will also be saved in this section.
    • Entering a URL on private chat automatically creates a clickable link. It will open in a new tab upon click.
    • Admins and Members can add an Image, Video and/or Emoji to their reply.
      + To add an image, you can use an Image URL, or upload an image directly from your computer (max. 200kb per image).
      + To add a video, simply add the video URL in the field provided. You can use self-hosted videos like Amazon S3, or embed videos hosted on the following platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, MP4, Loom.
      + To add an emoji, simply click the Emotions icon and the Emoji pop up window will appear.
    • You may now have the option to Edit or Remove the message.
      When you hover your mouse beside the bubble message, there will be an ellipsis icon. Simply click on it and the options to Edit or Remove the message will appear.
    • You will also have the option to Like a message.
      Simply click on the thumbs up or like button beside bubble message.
    • Quote specific text on a reply.
      You may quote specific text on the message by highlighting the text. Once highlighted, there will be a Quote option that will appear above. When you click on it, the quoted text will appear on the reply.


    Private Chat Notifications
    • When members leave a comment or question on the Private Chat page, a red icon will appear on the top-right corner of that course in the Online Course Dashboard
    • TIP! The number indicated on this icon can include comments from both the Social Wall & Private Chat page. To specifically see where the comments came from, you need to open the course itself.
    • When the course is open, in the Course Content pop-up, you will see the same red Icon to the right of the Social Wall or Private Chat page (or both).
    • The number indicated on these red Icons show the number of comments that have been left on that page i.e. a number 5 on the icon means 5 comments have been left.


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