04007 – How to move a page from one Campaign to another

If you want to move a page in one of your Campaigns to a different Campaign, the process is very simple.

To Do This
    • Go to Campaigns in the left-sidebar menu and then select the relevant campaign from the drop-down menu.
    • Once done, open the page you want to move to a new Campaign by clicking the Edit button (pencil).
    • Once opened, click on Page Options in the left-sidebar menu.


    • In the next screen, at the top of the menu, you will find the Campaign drop-down.
    • By default, it shows the Campaign that this page is currently linked to.
    • To move it to a new Campaign, simply select the relevant campaign from the drop-down menu.Once done, click on SAVE CHANGES.

That’s it! Your page will be added to the campaign you selected in the Campaign drop-down.