02051 – How to give access to a Forum when someone Opts-in

A good way to build your list is to offer Forum Membership in exchange for a user’s email.
These steps will allow you to setup your Optin page that once a user opted in, they will have access on your Forum.
You can give full access or selected category only.

To give access to a Forum
    • Go to Campaigns in the left-sidebar menu, then select the relevant campaign you want to edit.
    • Click on + Add New Page.
    • Enter a name for your Optin Page
    • From the Page Template drop-down, select Optin Pages.
    • Select the Optin Page template you prefer.
    • Once done, the Optin Page settings will open.
    • You can edit any aspect of the Optin Page┬ásimply by clicking on the Page Element in the Preview Pane.
    • To edit the Optin form, click on Form Settings in the left-sidebar menu.
    • Under When user submits the form, choose an action.
    • If you selected an emailing system, select the tag from the drop-down menu.





If you have selected Send details to webform, paste your email webform code in the Email System Webform code field.



  • Tick Register to Forum. Under Forum Access Type, select either Give Forum Full Access or Specific Forum Category.


+ Give Forum Full Access – grant full access to your forum. All categories will be accessible.

+ Specific Forum Category = grant access to specific forum category only. Upon select, another drop down menu will appear to allow you to select the Forum Category.


  • Under Redirect to on Optin, select the page you would like users redirected to once they have opted in.
  • Once done, click on SAVE CHANGES.