09010 – How To Filter Your Boosters

Quickly filter your booster and find the one you want to edit.


The “FILTER” feature applies to the following Boosters:

  • Auto Deadline
  • Auto Webinar
  • Audiences
  • Dynamic Redirects
  • Launch Menus
  • Optin Boxes
  • Split Tests
  • Quizzes
  • Viral Shares
  • 1-Click Optin


Selecting either one of your “Boosters” in your Admin Area,

When opening your boosters, under “Add” button, you fill find the following field, which you can use to filter through your boosters:


By entering any specific text, you can either narrow down a specific booster (similar to searching through the list) that you want to update, or show a group of boosters (should you have more sharing the same name).