02046 – How to Customize your Forum Home Page

Your Forum Home Page is the main area where your Forum members will be interacting with other members and forum admins. This section can include a welcome video, any additional supporting content, but most importantly this is where the forum categories, sections and threads will be visible to all members.

Once your Forum has been enabled, your next step is customize the look of your Forum Home Page.

To Do This
  • In the Forum dashboard, click on the ellipsis or 3 dots () on the upper right hand corner and select Forum Home Page button.
  • The Page builder will open with the Page settings showing on the left and the content Preview Pane to the right.
  • The header for your Forum page is set in the Forum Settings section, where you enable your Forum.
  • You can fully customize the demo content by simply clicking on the element and then tweaking the settings that appear in the left-sidebar menu.
  • You can also add more Block elements to your Forum Home Page by clicking on the black Plus icons (+) that appear as you mouse-over the content in the Preview Pane.
  • Once clicked, the different Block types available will appear in the left-sidebar menu.
  • Simply click on the Block you want, it will immediately be added to your page and then you can edit the settings for that Block in the left-sidebar menu.
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