02042 – Enabling Live Chat for your Live Event Course Page

The “Live Chat” feature on Live Event pages has been temporarily removed. Note this does not impact the live streaming events. Your members can still submit questions and you will be able to see them in the admin area as normal.

However, We noticed that the dynamic and live display of all messages submitted on the page (Live Chat feature) generated an abnormal amount of server resources that could have an impact on server resources.

Live Event Course Pages now supports the Live Chat feature, which gives attendees the live chat feel during your training sessions. This feature allows members to see other attendees questions and comments posted during the Event.

To Enable this feature
    • Go to Online Courses in the left-sidebar menu.

    • Open the Course where the Live Event page has been added.

    • Open the Live Event Course Page

    • In the next screen, click on Live Chat in the left-sidebar menu.

    • Untick the Hide checkbox > and Save changes.

  • When you make your Event live, the Live Chat window will be visible just below the video, along with the Question/Comment fields.

Managing your Questions

When people post questions or comments during the Event, we collect them and store them for you.

To Access the Questions

  • Go to Event Questions in the left sidebar menu.
  • A pop-up will appear and you will see a table with the list of questions posted during the Live Event.TIP! When someone submits a question in a webinar, their email is now also saved. This allows you to follow up with them later if you want.

To Delete Individual Questions

  • Click on the red X to the far-right of the question and it will be deleted from the dashboard.

To Delete All Questions

  • Click on the red Delete All button below the list of questions.