09C001 – Dynamic Redirects

Redirects are handy tools you can use to redirect people to different pages.
10XPRO.io’s Dynamic Redirect Tool comes with additional features, such as webhook actions or applying tags to their Infusionsoft profiles.

To Get Started
  • Go to Boosters in the left-sidebar menu, then select Dynamic Redirects.
    In the next screen, you will see the dashboard where all your future Redirects will be listed.
  • To create a new Redirect, click on the Plus (+) icon on the upper right hand corner.

    The Settings pop-up will appear

    • Under Name, give your Redirect a name.
    • Under Redirect Type, you will find several options:
      Standard Redirect
      Based on an Infusionsoft Tag
      Based on Active Campaign Tag
      Based on Aweber Tag
      Based on ConvertKit
      Based on Drip Tag
      Based on Ontraport Tag
      NOTE: All the “Based on tag” options have the same process. However, to use a certain option, that particular email system must be integrated with your 10XPRO.io website.
    • Click on the relevant link below for further steps

Standard Redirect
Standard redirect generates a special link, that redirects users to a specific page that you choose. For more details, go to + How to setup a Standard Redirect URL

Redirect URL Based on a Tag
This link type redirects a user based on a series of rules and possible tags a user might have. For more details, go to
+ How to setup a Redirect URL based on a Tag

Back in the Dynamic Redirect dashboard, you can:

  • Edit existing Dynamic Redirects by clicking on the Edit button to the right.
  • Duplicate existing Dynamic Redirects by clicking on the Duplicate button to the right.
  • Delete existing Dynamic Redirects by clicking on the Delete button to the right.