17001 – Add Your App Details To The Academy+ App

Once you avail the 10XPRO Mobile App Upgrade, the settings Mobile App will be available in your 10XPRO Dashboard. You may setup your 10XPRO App so your members may start adding it to their Academy+ App.

Before you can add your 10XPRO.io website to the Academy+ App, you need to setup your Mobile App first. Simply go to Mobile App.

The APP SETTINGS (BETA) will display.

  • Accounts List Logo (720×400)
    The image you will add here will be your website image in the Academy+ App website list.
  • Dashboard Logo (720×400)
    The image you will add here will be your 10XPRO App Dashboard header image.
    It will become a video poster image if you added a video in the Dashboard Video URL.
  • Dashboard Video URL (Optional)
    Add a video URL here if you want to play a video in your 10XPRO App dashboard.
    We recommend to use Amazon S3 Videos. For full instructions on how to upload your videos to Amazon S3, go here.
  • Application Code
    You can create your own application code here. This code will be your site’s unique code. You will provide this to your members to allow them to add your 10XPRO site to their installed Academy+ App.

Once done, click the SAVE button.

Your members may now add your 10XPRO App to their Academy+ App.


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